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I was tagged once again by my friendo Aileen-Rose, this time to do facts on my babygirl Misha! <3

1. Post these rules

2. List eight facts about your character
3. Tag eight other deviants
4. List the names of the tagged character next to their creator's usernames

Character: Misha Fujihara
MISHAAAAW by Cranberryduceus

1. In her earlier stages, she was set to have two siblings; a brother and sister, but they never fit into RPs so the idea was scrapped.

2. She has a tiny case of megalophobia, or a fear of large objects. This fear is linked to her father's death, caused by the sea creature Midgardsorm. It mainly applies to large statues, as well as large statues which are partially submerged, etc.

3. The goggles so wore in her younger design were given to her by her father, Reynold. As a child she was scared during a particularly strong storm, and was worried she wouldn't be able to see because of the heavy rain. Her father gave them to her, telling her that she would be safe with them, and would be able to "see underwater as well". She eventually passes them down to one of her children.

4. She has a tendency to get absorbed in any kind of "petty" television, like reality shows. They aren't her favorite but her curious nature takes over and she sometimes will watch them eagerly.

5. She and her husband Hikaru have four children together. (In order from oldest to youngest, Erina, Tristan, Haruka and Tetsuya)

6. Misha prefers her hair on the short side. Though she will sometimes let it grow out to be long again, she more often will get fed up with it and have it trimmed back to around shoulder length.

7. Misha's favorite flowers are sunflowers.

8. She has a tendency to buy souvenirs enthusiastically when traveling, to the point Hikaru has to intervene and convince her to reduce the amount of purchases. She is very interested in other cultures and the history behind them.

I doubt I can think of 8 other people so...
:iconredpandadeer: - Ginka
:icongooeysweet: - Plemons or Morty

That'll do. =w=;

♥ ♥

Shers or Sheru / 22 / USA / She/her / Bisexual

Hello! I'm Shers, a fanartist who loves medicine and TC! My talents include sleeping too much and switching between proper punctuation and no-cares -lower case

Some of my interests include: Trauma Center/Team, RWBY, Pokemon, Ace Attorney, Vocaloid, Don't Starve and many more

Requests: Closed
Commissions: Open (USD)
Art trades: Open
Collabs: Open

If you wish to do any of the above, please refer to my "Will/Will not" draw list below.

I love making new friends, so If you want to start a chat, feel free to note me! Skype and Steam are for closer friends only.


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